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Most Popular destinations for Sex Tourism

Ø Costa Rica
Most of the USA and Canada Citizens choose Costa Rica for  their tousrism destination major reason behind is the larger numbers of USA citizens and Canadians traveling south for his or her ‘vacations.

Prostitution and Escorts in Costa Rica :- Prostitution is perfectly legal in Costa Rica. registered as prostitutes are regularly examined by a doctor and carry ID cards. There are also a number of hotels that while being perfectly legitimate with clean rooms and nice facilities, have bar areas or other areas where you can find anywhere from 10-100 ladies waiting to be of service.

The Red Zone
One area of downtown San José is known as the Zona Roja or Red Zone. This is a truly nasty and very high risk area and your chances of being hurt are very great.
Here, at just about any time of the day or night, you will find prostitutes, drug dealers, and a variety of perhaps less than savory folks. Drugs are everywhere.

Other best beautiful and natural places for visiting
1. Corcovado National Park & Drake Bay :- hot spot for those who want to be one with nature.
2. Arenal Volcano National Park & La Fortuna
3. Tamarindo, Playa Langosta & Playa Grande
4. Manuel Antonio & Manuel Antonio National Park
5. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
6. Tortuguero National Park
7. Santa Teresa & Mal Pais
8. Montezuma
9. Puerto Viejo & Cahuita National Park
10. Nosara & Playa Guiones

Ø Dominican Republic’s
Dominican Republic's delightful normal scene, awesome climate, and extremely sensible costs are significant advantages. prostitution is legitimate, famous urban communities are Sosua and Boca Chica.
The Dominican Republic’s sex tourism trade may be so popular due to its relative accessibility from both the United States of America and Europe. According to the sex tourism global guide, tourists seeking sex can find it in the following areas:

Metropolitan Area: the cosmopolitan capital and its surrounding beaches.
Eastern Plains and the East Coast: home to the world-famous all inclusive hotels
Eastern Cibao and the Bay of Samaná: a beautiful bay often described as a “Paradise on Earth”
Western Cibao and the North Coast: the second largest city, the highest mountains in the Caribbean, and the popular beaches of the Atlantic Coast.

Ø Netherlands
The name of "Red Light District" comes from the red neon lights that highlight the 300 windows where women are working. Amsterdam has three different Red Light Districts but the most famous and the most attractive is the one located inside the city center.

Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in Europe. I recommend you all to come down at night when the district really comes to life. During the day, the district is less lively and even less attractive.

1. De Wallen
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Red Light district is also known for its other name, De Wallen. It is located near the Amsterdam Central Station where most of the tourists hang out all day and night.
starting rate for most women is around $55 (€50) for 15 minutes, although talking your way down to $44 (€40). many tourists head to Amsterdam for its scenic canals, impressive art museums, and delicious cuisine, the Dutch city brings numerous visitors for its legal marijuana and rampant sex industry.

Do not take photos of the prostitutes or the windows
Watch out for pickpockets
Try not to go alone
Do not buy anything from dealers on the streets

Ø Spain
prostitution has made Spain one of the top sex tourism destinations in Europe. Madrid is as well known city similarly it is recognized in red light district to tourist for sex destination.

Madrid :- In Madrid Gran Via street is very femous for sex worker.
Barcelona :- In Barcelona, the red light district is at the southern end of the popular Las Ramblas boulevard.

Ø Brazil

Brazil attracts carnival-goers, honeymooners, and soccer fans, as well as party-centric tourists. Because prostitution is legal in Brazil, numerous travelers head to the red-light districts in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza.

Ø France
Prostitution is against the law in Paris, and you could find yourself in trouble with law enforcement even for engaging in conversation with a prostitute,
1. Rue Saint-Denis
Paris, France
This noteworthy road keeps running from Boulevard de Bonne-Nouvelle and Rue de Rivoli and can be part into two parts, however just the northern segment is what you're searching for. It's not the fanciest piece of Paris, as it's referred to for its corner homeless people as much as it is for its sex specialists. Here you'll discover a huge number of sex shops and peep appears, with streetwalkers winding between them vieing for your sex-exchange euro.

cost: The streetwalkers are the place the activity is here, significantly more so than the shops and peep shows, and they'll run you between €30-€70 ($33-$77). On the off chance that you'd jump at the chance to accomplish something "sentimental" like really touch her, or remove her bra, that'll cost additional.

2. Pigalle
Paris, France
Quartier Pigalle Is the Paris Red Light District loaded with sex shops and whores.
Paris' Pigalle is an epicenter of intemperance with sex shops, peep appears, strip clubs, nightclubs, and numerous other, unpublishable X-evaluated experiences. As far as undesirable quality, Pigalle may take the cake. All things considered, prostitution is really unlawful, so it's more about the strip clubs and live shows. Simply be watchful; huge numbers of Pigalle's foundations have a rep as spots where hooligans spook vacationers into giving over all their cash.

cost: It'll more often than not run you about $22 (€20) to get into a live sex appear, and once inside, expect $22 (€20) drinks, also. Try not to be shocked if the clubs haphazardly attach additional charges on to your Mastercard or if ladies attempt to weight you into getting them drinks, which can wind up running between $45-$110 (€30-€100) each. Truly, you recently purchased that decent woman a $138 Zima.

3. Pascha 
Cologne, France
Cologne is home to Europe’s first high-rise brothel, Pascha, which was built in 1972 to condense the city’s RLD into one building. Women rent rooms from which to peddle their goods and can be found sitting in the hallways awaiting customers. You roam from floor to floor, room to room, until finding a lady of your liking, before negotiating a price directly with her. Interestingly, some of the women actually live in their rooms; so much for not bringing your work home with you!
cost: Entrance into the building is around $5.50 (€5) but the women work independently, set their own prices, and pocket all the profits. Standard European rates prevail though, again, about $55 (€50) for 15 minutes.

Ø Kabukichō
Tokyo, Japan
It is unlawful to have intercourse with a whore. To influence it to true blue, the prostitution organization will just need to mastermind a "daring meet up" for you with your chose young lady. After the date, you are presently a "couple" and both of you can do the business. Presently, both of you are thought to be having intercourse as a couple, as opposed to as a client and whore.

expect:- Kabukichō caters almost exclusively to Japanese locals and their passion for odd sexual fantasy; it can be a difficult place for tourists.
Charges:- Prices for host clubs run from about $30-$140 for two hours, depending on the quality of the joint. A pink salon will set you back about $20, while escort services -- where the ladies come to your room -- start around $250 an hour.

Ø Geylang
Singapore City, Singapore
A great many whores and back rub women from various Asian countries offer their bodies and sex in a little zone of 10 side roads off the Geylang Road. Most houses of ill-repute in Geylang are the legitimate massage parlors. Their young ladies are for the most part 20-29 year old from Thailand or China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and even from Spain and Russia outsourcing requesting themselves there.

In Geylang's lega houses of ill-repute and back rub parlors, customers pay a typical of S$50 (US$38) for 20 minutes of sex inside a confined region. It is for the most part SPD$100 for the hour while you could pay up to SPD$200 if the young lady is exceptionally alluring or youthful. Your sessions are restricted to 45 minutes, so might be don't decide on the "broadened joy" condoms and adhere to the ribbed for her pleasure.

Singapore Escorts
Ranch Towers-Four Floors of Whores on Orchard Road there is a move club indicated "Euro Girls Club" in which you can find Russian young women. Costs for sex with these laborers are regularly be over the $150 check and by and large will be to your lodging room.

Adult Stores In Singapore
Naughty Shop:-
Address: 304 Orchard Rd, Singapore
Love is Love:-
Address: 777 Geylang Rd, Singapore. Telephone: +65-6848-2155.
Lily Hush Sex Toys:-
Address: 10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza, Singapore.Telephone: +65-3158-3057.
Address: 220 Orchard Rd., Singapore.Telephone: +65-8228-9339.
Cheapest Sex Toys:-
Address: 150 Orchard Road, Singapore.

Ø Zona Norte
Tijuana, Mexico
Commercialized prostitution is regulated, legal, and highly visible in this area. La Coahuila the main street of Zona Norte is a few blocks off Avenida Revolucion and is lined with strip clubs and young women waiting outside hotels waiting to escort you upstairs.

Charges: On the street, you will pay about $25 plus $5 for “the room” regardless of whether you have got a hotel to take them to or not. In the strip clubs, it’ll cost you more anywhere from $50-$100.

Ø Reeperbahn
Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg's shady neighborhood, Reeperbahn, is a colossal nightlife extend with unprecedented bars, diners, theaters, and clubs.

Sex work's quite recently open at particular conditions of the day and is compelled to one street, Herbertstraße; it's truly allocated by a divider so as not to irritate minors and shy ladies. In Hamburg, strip clubs have overpowered prostitution to the extent unmistakable quality and there are under 400 working women at the present time used on Herbertstraße, down half from 10 years back.

Charges: Most strip clubs charge around a $33 (€30) cover, and the ones that don not will adjust for it with $22 (€20) drinks. For some alone time with a lady of the night, it's the European standard (however easy to refute), $55 (€50) for 15 minutes. Erotic back rub parlors will cost you around $55-$165 (€50-€150) a hour.

Ø Villa Tinto
Antwerp, Belgium
Belgium's prostitution is especially legitimate here. The flawless looking area a three-piece "resistance zone" is one of the most secure and cleanest seedy areas of town on the planet. hope to window shop, as youthful sparsely clad ladies in Antwerp likewise sell their products behind retail facade glass.

The city's best house of ill-repute, Villa Tinto, has been named "Europe's most cutting edge bordello" and gloats 51 suites, safes to store money, a biometric scanner to recognize laborers, an on location police headquarters, a frenzy catch under the beds for the ladies' security, and a control space to direct the operation. There are likewise knead parlors and strip clubs that offer sex appears, where, for instance, you can pay to watch a monkey slap a stripped lady.

Charges: you will pay about $66 (€60). Or, on the other hand, for just shy of $2.20 (€2), you get around 90 seconds of activity in one of the peep appears. Window whores begin at the standard rate of $55 (€50) for 15 minutes, despite the fact that you can pay additional for kissing and on the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize a condom.

Ø Thailand
1. Soi Cowboy
Bangkok, Thailand​
one of the seedier red light districts in Thailand.
Rates start around $45 for up to an hour but can extend to $125,

2. Patpong
Bangkok, Thailand
red-light district, Pattaya and Phuket

Ø Philippines

Manila and Boracay are a few of the most popular destinations in the Philippines for tourists, but it’s Olongapo City and Angeles City that bring those interested in sex tourism. Though prostitution is illegal, it’s easy for locals and visitors to find prostitutes at bars and massage parlors.

Cheapest popular sex tourism destination
1. Goa
Price: $20 all night/$4 for a quickie

2. Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
Price: $50-100 whole night

3. Manila, Philippines
Price: $30-45 whole night

4. Kiev, Ukraine
Price: $100 for a few hours

5. Port Louis, Mauritius
Price: $40-120

6. Pattaya, Thailand
Price: $50 whole night/$30 short time

7. Mombasa, Kenya
Price: $25-40 all night.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada
Price: $400-1000 all night

9. Havana, Cuba
Price: $80-100

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Price: $100-200 all night

11. Lima, Peru
Price: $40

12. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Price: $100 all night/$50 for a short time.

13. Sosua, Dominican Republic
Price: $25-40

Naughtiest Places to Travel in Europe
Dublin, Ireland
Zrce, Croatia
SoHo, London
Berlin, Germany