Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dating Tips For Teens Before Meet Single

I still remember When I was 19 I made a perfect date after that I made more many dates, but that was the last dating that can never be die in my life and I can’t forget mint and hours, I spend with her.
Do you want to know why that was a perfect dating? and what here main reason for successful dating?
We both were teen she was about few months elder than me. I could not sleep for a whole night when we made that date. But I was unexperienced unfamiliar with the nature of pretty teen girls that’s why I could not hold this relation for a long time and she breakup to me.
I learnt a lot of about dating and made all future dates successful.

 1. Good Dress and have Perfume:- She weared Dark color short body dress. IT was really impressive. Always Care about your dress because first Impression is last impression. If You are a boy then you should wear T-Shurt with half cuff with cool color and a jeans with dark color. If you are a women then you should try sexy dress and short dress with open lags, shoulders and dark color.
 2. Be Confidence:- She was very confident more than me. Confidence is main reason of my breakup I was a little bit confuse. You should be confidence and your body language must be normal position. Not a tired lazy or lose body.

 3.Timing and Place of Dating:- She decided both timing and place it was very attractive. My first date time was early evening and place was close to natural beauty. Night time is also best for dating but place of natural beauty could not be fit.

 4.Reach on place before she come:- When I came there she was sitting before and she was looking some agog for me. These feeling attracted me alot toward her.

 5.Gift and surprise:- If you are male then take ring or some thing like that she likes. If you are female then ask him for kiss that’s a good surprise and gift.
 6. Ask what She like :- Talk about the topics related she likes. She should not be bor to your topic.
 7. Feeb by your hand:-  Feed dine to your hand

 8. Make a French Kiss:- In last must do a french kiss, don’t hesitate kiss will creat a strong relationship between you.
 9. Don’t be Crazy Sexual and Control your self. Otherwise you will get negative impact in her mind.

10. Plan for next date :- Your next date could be filled completely with open sex.


  1. these tips really work in my real life.....
    and thanks for helping me..

  2. i read article meet single is infomrative arctivle