Friday, August 4, 2017

Attract A Girl For Love and Dating

What Qualities Women Find in a Man Attractive

1. Status of a Man :- Every Women of the world have Aim a powerful man. If you known as a high status man around peoples you then you hold the magical power to attract somany women.
2. Confidence :- Confidence is the key of attraction. If You lose confidence mean you lose your lover.
3. Self-Caring:- If you care yourself it show your positive Character to the women like if you care your hair, dressing, health fitness... e.t.c
Be adventurous, take participate in sports and other challenging task.
4. Power of Common sense:- If you have ability to guess quick many think and tell the solution you can impress girls faster.
5. Brave Man and Decision Maker :- Every women like a man having leader ships quality and leaderships only belong to brave people. By nature every women wants some protection like security or financial for her family, a brave person have quality to fill these demands. If anyone have these qualities he can attract infinite women.
6. Sense of Humor : - If you laugh her and represent you’re fun to be around, she will associate positive feelings with you.
7. Tell your Desire for Her:- After working steps mentioned above when feel right time express your desired for her with sweet-able words.

If you are not sure that girl is interesting in you or not then follow the tips.

Look a Test
Mostly girls expect boys for first move toward her because they have a little bit hesitation. Once you move first hesitation remove and If she is much interested in you she will make everything easier for you.
If you are unsure then you can guess through her body language
If you are unable to reach a girl to know about her feeling for you then a common and best way to reach her via her girlfriend. If you feel that she does not show her attention toward you then ignore her for some time and make some activities to jealous her like talk more to her friend and offer her friend for dinner.

Attract Girls You First Time Meet
1. Smile and look her eye for few Seconds:- When you gives Smile and hold eye contact she feel something different for you. That’s a point when she start thinking about you.
2. Keep Relax your body language:- your body should be in that way she or any body don’t feel come across threatening. And your body should not be look tired lazy sick.
3. Keep your voice Medium when speaks :- Don't talk slow or loudly

4. Listen and give her your full Concentration :- Women like who listen them.

5. Show your sensing Power :- Instead of asking stupid kiddo questions like
“what do you do for work?”. You should know what girls like and do the self instead asking like give her tea drink coffee.
6. Tell Stories
7. Tell your desire for Her:- show your feel for her in some sweet-able words.


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  2. thanks man for helping me I admitted all point you mentioned hopefully I will get my girl